Craps is one of the most exciting dice games played in any casino. It could be somewhat intimidating for the beginners but the fun starts when people gradually gain experience and learn how to play it. Craps also happens to be one of the fastest paced games. There are players who make the fundamental “pass line bet” most of the time. Nevertheless with experience comes understanding of the game and complex bets could be placed and played.

Craps is a premium dice game. There are 40 different kinds of bets which can be placed. Some of the bets require the rolling of dice just once while some bets require many subsequent rolls. “Pass line bet” is the thumb rule.


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Knowing the table

An overview of the table is quiet good to start with. The crap table generally has two layouts. A supervisor stands as the boxman at the centre of one side to deposit the cash collected by the dealers. Right opposite to this boxman, stands a stickman, who uses a stick to pass the dice to the player or shooter. He announces the outcome of each dice roll. The pace of the game depends on the stickman. The centre of the table remains occupied with boxes for acceptance of bets. The players stand in the side areas.

There is a “Pass” line on the table for the players who bet for the shooter. Alternatively there is a “Don’t pass” line, smaller than the previous line, for the players who bet against the shooter. There are two other areas labelled as “Come” and “Don’t come” which are for passing and not passing at some point of time in the game. “Field” labelled area is for one-roll bet. Additionally there are few other boxes labelled as 4, 5, Six, 8, Nine and 10. These boxes are for “Place” and “Buy”.


The player who rolls the dice is called the shooter. Two dices are required to shoot. Players get to place their bet by selecting the proper labelled section of the table and place their chips onto that field. He could ask the stickman to place the chips.

A shooter must have a bet on “Pass” or “Don’t pass” line. The stickman provides the shooter with the option of five dices to select from. The shooter needs to select any two of the dices and return the rest to the stickman. However, after handing over the dice to shooter no new bets can be placed.

The shooter is required to roll the dice using one hand thereby ensuring that the dice bounces properly and the game remains fair. If a shooter leaves, the next shooter is asked to play with the dice.

“Come-out” and “Point” are the two phases of every round. If 7 or 11 are the outcomes, betting on the pass line wins. Such a scenario is termed as “natural”. If 2, 3, or 12 are the results in the come out roll, then these players lose. If 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 are the results then the dice must be rolled yet again before 7. It is only then that the dealer moves to the second phase of the game.


There are different types of bets in the game of craps. Pass is the basic bet. It is put on a come-out roll on the pass line. The mark “off” with a black marker indicates the round as a come-out roll. If the dice rolls 7 or 11 then the person, who bets, wins and gets money. If the dice rolls 2, 3 or 12 then the person loses. If any other value comes then the mark will show “on” with white. Hereafter, the shooter rolls the dices till same point or seven is obtained. Now if the seven comes before the point then the shooter loses. Alternatively if the point rolls before seven comes then the shooter wins.


While choosing an online Canada casino sit for playing craps, it is utmost essential to opt for a safe and renowned casino gaming company such as Playtech. Financial security and integrity are of paramount interest. Great craps games could be played for high value money. Some of the online Craps casino in the Canadian gambling circuits offer lucrative welcome bonuses in the range of $ 3.200. Alternatively, several craps casinos operate out of Canadian provinces and could be visited to experience real life dealers too. With a little knowledge and perseverance, Craps could be one of the most interesting games played at a casino.

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