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For generations casinos and gambling have their fair share of existence as a means for making easy money despite the contentious nature. But with time and reformed laws, the nature of gambling or betting has changed and has been widely accepted worldwide. Most countries have several luxurious and aristocratic casinos where people from across the world arrive to try their luck. Canada is one such country where some of the world’s leading casinos reside. However the gambling scenario transformed radically with revolution in technology and nowadays one could enjoy the experience of a casino siting at the comfort of their home through online casinos. To further enhance the experience, casinos are now available right on your mobiles or tablets. Canada has really gone the distance to bring in this next gen mobile casino experience to the world.


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An introduction to Canadian Gambling

Gambling in Canada was previously believed to be a way of entertainment. With the passage of time, the institution of gambling has gradually altered into a more easy way of passing time and making money crafting it into a frivolous activity. Under the regulations of the regional and territorial administrations, one can gamble through charities or private operators approved by government which makes it safer yet pleasurable experience.
There are several legal ways to gamble such as Standard casinos, Horseracing, Video lottery, Slot machine etc. but the most tempting way for Canadians to bet their money is casino gambling. With as many as 100 casinos to choose from, Canada is lover’s paradise for those who want to indulge in gambling.
With time, technology has shaped every aspects of human life profoundly. The next big leap that technology took was presenting casinos and gambling online without the need to visit one. The online Canadian casinos are turning more urbane and tech-savvy which includes all the new digital technologies. The online casinos literally changed the game for Canadian players as well as players from all around the globe, making it more convenient, faster and honest. The principal idea for physical and digital gambling is more or less has remained equal.

Mobile casino- a new era in online casino

With more advancement in technology a new “trend” or “era” to be precise that came into play is the Mobile casino. Don’t get confused, it’s online casino in a new mode. One can access to online casinos with the help of mobiles or tablets. You can gamble anywhere in the world with the aid of your mobile or tablet which is convenient and legal too. Since its inception, these new emerging ways to gambling, while on the move, has been a hit and every leading casino have been constantly upgrading themselves for a more user friendly interface.

There are games available, which deal with real money like poker and blackjack. These games could be played on tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices. Since the last a few years, Mobile Gambling in Canada has managed to grab considerable attention resulting in an impressive surge in the number of online casinos to choose from. You could quickly browse through the user review sections to be sure and certain. The reviews would also aid in determining the games that are available in a particular online casino, the payment option, customer care, experience from previous customers etc.

Few years back, online casino websites were mainly compatible with a few numbers of mobile devices. Nevertheless, today you can discover mobile casinos that are completely suited for all the leading mobiles. So you can easily play a real money game that has been exclusively designed for your iPhone. The same goes for the variants of Android or Blackberry devices. As a matter of fact, if you have one of the leading mobile phones, you would invariably come across a mobile casino portal that has been specially designed for play on that mobile model.

There are a variety of mobile casino games that are present. Most of them are directly accessible without the need of downloading or installing any apps, just visit the website and start the game of luck. The games that are present in the market include classics such as blackjack, video poker or the very popular European Roulette. According to the easily available mobile casino guides, the most popular games are the online slot machine. The range starts from simple and moves towards complicated levels. While few games are variants of the basic fruit games while the remaining others are based on new emerging themes and are embedded with all sorts of special features.

Choose your game wisely:

Currency and Banking – Most of the games that are offered at various mobile casinos across Canada can be played without any commitment from the player. Once you’re ready to put real money bets then simply change to the real money iPhone casino or the real money android casino. The deposit options are available in the banking section of the mobile casino website where players can choose their suitable mode such as credit and debit cards or third party deposit options. If there is a dilemma or a query at any stage of the game play, the player can revert to the customer service and support any time. Customer service and support are readily available around the clock, on all days and every day of the week for each and every player no matter which device they are using. A vital part of Gambling using mobile is to choose a safe and secure payment option that works with the national currency. Some of the best and reliable are Click2Pay, Ukase and Neteller. You can even choose an array of pre-paid cards from Visa and MasterCard. With so many choices, you need to carefully choose a payment option that is safe and protected and prevents any unlawful access to your personal transaction data.

Customer Services – Another important part of any casino website is the customer helpline. Selecting a site that facilitates round the clock customer service and can be reached in multiple numbers of ways and is fluent in your language plays the real trick. But not to worry as the Canadian casino guide will help you in determining which mobile gambling institution provide the most excellent services and reviews from past user experiences. There are several different types of tablet available in the marketplace to look for and since most of these are either having an Android system or iPhone systems therefore there is no need to worry about its compatibility with the mobile casino websites.

Data connection and security – Well, contrary to popular beliefs, the data packages available within Canada are moderately cheaper as compared to the US. As a result the high-resolution high-graphics games distract most regular mobile casino players, which looks jazzy and demands a very high bandwidth. However, many of such casino sites might contain malicious side effects, which would compromise security. Also important is to choose your carrier judiciously. While playing on a secure Wi-Fi is the safest bet, but most Canadians usually use 3G or LTE connections offered by leading Canadian carriers such as Bell, TELUS or Rogers. While all such carriers implement the best encryption techniques to keep your data secured, it is however an individual responsibility to ensure that you exercise certain amount of discretion while chipping in your credit card number at some mobile casino site.

Game Selection and Welcome Bonus – The major revolution in online gambling took place in 2010 with ‘PlayNow’. This was followed by from Quebec. There are many online casinos available in Canada, giving potential gamblers several alternatives for finding a web parlor that best matches their requirement. Majority online casinos feature a range of slot machines, while others have an extended list of table games. Online casinos also tend to have an array of bonus offers also and a unique, convenient and safe system for depositing and withdrawing money. Most of the online casinos incorporate reliable and easy interface software and one can expect a great welcome bonus from these online casinos. But a certain level of vigilance needs to be maintained while choosing online casinos, particularly for those who might not be too tech-savvy. Henceforth it is important for one to be conscious of the Pros and Cons of online Gambling.

Another feature of mobile casinos is that you can apply for your personal ebanking account for any of the liberal casino promotions that facilitate you to play more games, for more time and that too at no extra cost. When you’re a new player, the casino will invite you to collect a worthwhile Welcome Bonus Package, which presents you with 500 match bonus credits for your first four casino deposits. You can be entitled to join the casino’s Loyalty Points program after your first week of gaming which may presents you with up to 350 match bonus credits every month.


So all in all Mobile casinos in Canada provides the gaming enthusiasts with the portability and convenience that are unavailable with any other form of gambling. Betting using a mobile device allows you to play fun and exciting games anywhere you go, and unlike previously, gives you the opportunity to win real money. And yes, the player could save a lot of money, which usually goes into the overhead costs such as lodging, food and transportation, while physically visiting a real casino.

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