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What is a casino bonus?

The word bonus resounds with extra or excess payments received above expectation. It’s like takeaway free money as long as you know the tricks which could multiply your bankroll in no time and the least of efforts.

Bonus, perks, freebies, bounty and giveaways do cajole and ensures player engagement substantially. Players visiting the Casinos are greeted with an infinite range of possibilities sufficient enough to attract attention, mostly with the prospects of multiplying your deposits in no time. However, one needs to be particularly cautious in making wise decisions while interpreting the entire bonus related information and the casino directives judiciously. Often each and every bonus carries along a list of terms and conditions which must be evaluated and analyzed in depth to maximize winnings.

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  2. betway Casino – 100% up to $1.000
  3. Playmillion – 5 x 150% up to $600
  4. Buck & Butler – Up to 400%
  5. GUTS Casino – 100% up to $300
  6. Euro Palace – 100% up to $500
  7. bet365 Casino – 100% up to $100
  8. Super Lenny – 100% up to $200
  9. Leo Vegas – 100% up to $200
  10. Go Wild Casino – 100% up to $1.000

Time to educate yourself

The types and categories of Canadian Casino bonuses offered vary largely depending on the type of Casino being visited. Analysis from the various online portals engaged in casino games reveals that most online casinos use elaborate details regarding the bonus narrated using essays. Whereas, others use visual pointers to display major offers.


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Some Casinos offer to contribute a generous percentage of the Canadian currency you use to open up the account. However they might not provide extra cash for the subsequent deposits. On the other hand, certain casinos choose to pay an extra percentage every time you make a cash deposit. An example might be an online Casino offering 100%, 50%, 25% and 10% sequentially on the first four cash deposits you make towards your online Casino account. Whether you are new or frequenter to an online casino, most gambling institutions more or less always provides generous offers. And such wonderful are the offers, that you would be tempted to try it out each time to get a lengthy and profitable game. Which category one might find lucrative is a personal choice, which the player needs to take.

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What are the bonus categories to take in to account?

Most casinos across Canada offer a wide range of Bonuses and perks, which are arguably one of the best in its category.

Several bonus mechanisms are prevalent. Bonuses can be offered in lot of flavors like:

  • No Deposit
  • Multi Deposit
  • Composite
  • Free Play
  • High Roller

Online casinos provide generous bonuses to stand out in competition and attract customers. The types of bonuses which a player can avail are as follows

• Welcome or Joining Bonus

Whenever one decides to venture into a new Casino, the welcome or joining bonus is paid out by the Casinos as an incentive. The payout could be equal to the Canadian currency in your starting bankroll or a percentage of the same. Although most of the casinos require the player to use the bonus thereafter by participating in a mandatory game wherein the cash could be used to play.

• No-Deposit Bonus

Most Canadian casinos offer lucrative deposit bonus amounts after the player registers on an online Casino website. The bonus cash amount is directly transferred to the player’s account which could be used subsequently by the player. Hence the player could play at the casino without investing his own real money. The No-Deposit bonus serves as a wonderful perk for players who visit new online Casinos and are therefore apprehensive on investing personal money.

• Monthly Bonus

A wide range of casinos pay bonus every month. They either provide a cumulative amount or amounts accumulated through segregated games which offer bonuses. Many casino patrons could stand a chance to win up to whopping $1 million per month. All the player needs to do is ‘click and play’.

• Referral Bonus

Online casinos use the referral bonus scheme to promote their brand and reach out to a network of customers. This serves as a lucrative promotional technique, simultaneously earning cash for the player as well. For example when one refers a friend who makes an initial deposit of $60, the casino pays the referee a bonus amount of $40.

• Tournament Bonus

Most of the earlier bonuses are targeted towards loyalty of users and free offerings from a series of Canadian casinos. Tournament bonus, on the other hand, is usually rewarded to skilled players. Thus, with the right blend of talent and luck you could manage some handsome winnings.

• Free Spin Bonus

Casinos offer the free spin bonus which is a unique category of cashless bonuses offered by all leading gambling institutions. Here, the casino lets the players keep winnings on slot machines or other games, without wagering large amount of money. The loyal players are allowed to take up free spins and the money won through such games are deposited to the player’s account.

• Free Money Bonus

This type of surprise free money bonuses are shelled out as surprise packages during the tenure of the game especially to players who have been playing for long. The extra money could also come as credit which needs to be used in games.

• High Roller Bonus

Casino groups players who are frequent to the casinos according to their playing frequencies. The higher the frequency of their visit, the more bonuses the player receives.


How to choose the best bonus offered by a casino?

While most Canadian casinos operate under very transparent operational techniques and are extremely particular about paying out bonus and cash rewards, it is however recommended that players should read the terms and conditions prior to venturing into a particular type of casino game.

Look at the percentage the bonus is offering. A 400% bonus amount might sound lucrative but the likelihood of the player getting favorable results might be comparatively less. On the contrary, a 10% amount on the deposited sum although humble could be more realistic.

Thus casinos that offer huge bonus coupled with easy wagering requirements could be considered to play game. A majority of Canadian casinos which provide generous bonus, quality games, are committed to customers, promote the use of Canadian dollars, are licensed and are monitored by recognized authorities.


What are the bonus clearing techniques?

Canadian casinos are very particular about bonus clearances. However bonus clearances usually come with wagering requirements which dictate terms of how much of the accumulated amount the player must spend within a stipulated time frame in order to be eligible for a bonus payout. Since online casinos have been renowned for their customer friendly policies, most of the gambling institutions recommend their players to opt for low risk, high probability and proportionally low variance games using relatively mow wagers. This ensures that one doesn’t end up losing amounts which more than the bonuses are earned, thereby safeguarding your cash. Players who play using large stakes get quick bonus clearances. Others need to figure out games which offer higher than average bonuses. “Sticky Bonuses” offered by most casinos however cannot be cashed out. When clearing your net accumulated bonus, the sticky bonus gets deducted.

What are the Rollovers and wagering requirements?

Well, every bonus facilities offered by leading casino are stipulated by strict terms and conditions clause, which must be thoroughly read before opting for a certain Bonus type. In most cases the player needs to first wager a percentage of the sun accumulated before he could withdraw bonus or its proceeds. Such requirements are justified because otherwise a player might sign up at the casino, get the bonus, withdraw the amount and leave the casino without even playing once. This restriction ensures a win-win model for both the casino and the player involved.

The player on the other hand should judiciously judge the reputation of a certain casino before choosing to play at one. The history and user feedbacks imprinted on the casino pages should be helpful in this regards. The best parts of online Canada casino are the helplines which could be easily approached for clarification regarding bonus, wagering details and payout options. The operators could be contacted using email, phone or even international fax numbers.

The bonus wagering needs also vary depending on cashable and non-cashable bonus schemes offered by the casino. While cashable bonuses could be withdrawn into the players account, non- cashable bonuses on the other hand could be used alongside the players personal cash deposit to be played at games. Any profits generated out of the non-cashable bonus could be withdrawn minus the bonus amount provided by the casino. This way the player stands a chance to use the non-cashable bonus to play more games and increase chances of drawing larger profits which he could withdraw.


Some Canadian online casinos offer bonuses that might sound literally unbelievable. Contrary to popular beliefs, such offers usually are true and realistic. Most online casinos are generous enough to allow a certain guest user to sign up as a guest and play as long as he needs to understand the tricks, without having to shell out a single penny. The player still stands a chance to win virtual bonus, which adds to his confidence. Eventually when the player feels comfortable and confident, he might venture into real gambling by investing money and subsequently winning lucrative bonuses, which could be used to play games.

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