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Best Online Casinos 2014/2015

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One casino is not like the other. As a player you may probably also have already experienced this. While Playteck has prescribed to interesting Jackpot games, other vendors focus especially on Merkur games, Novoline games and others. In the end, everyone will be able to fulfill their needs, from classic table games as well as modern jackpot slots with quite attractive profit opportunities. On this website we will introduce all these casino games and more offers from only the best casinos online to players. But it doesn`t stop there, because with our player will experience everything about current Slot games, Industry news, Bonuses, payment methods and much more.

Online Casino reviews – detailed and accurate

Miami Black 300x250We have specifically picked online casinos that stood out positively in the past with security, attractive game selection and fairness for the players. All the games that are introduced on this website, have been tested by our team, starting with design and safety. We have included a huge number of criteria for these reviews but above all we clearly moved the advantages in the foreground and the disadvantages are highlighted.
In the end we want all players to be informed about safety, so that players know exactly what to expect from online providers. However, exciting Casino games are not always the measure of all things- especially when it comes down to payout quotes or payouts from Jackpots. Players can find important information about security and much more in our detailed and extensively test reports. Moreover we provide players with information about interesting promotions and the best Jackpot Features with which the individual online casino is definitely able to score.

Casino operator overview

There is no online casino without games, so far the principle of these virtual establishments is clear. Our Casino Review gives players the opportunity to get to know Casino games better that offers Jackpots and of course to get an overview about the best online casinos. We introduce interesting slot games, thrilling classic games an even the less popular arcade games to beginners and advanced players, we indicate the best specific features to you and explain the expiration of such slot games.
With this knowledge you are prepared to play in the best internet casinos, chosen by you. At the same time you will find real professional advices with which you will be able to claim more winnings. We have limited our best slot machine presentation deliberately to a small but very popular core, because there is already enough confusion about the offers of thrilling games with great jackpots in the world wide web and we do not want you to be more confused.

New informations on a regular basis

News from worldwide gambling certainly won`t hurt to be abreast on, especially not if it results in giving you further advantages, such as new exclusive deals. There will constantly be new slot machines, tipps and tricks with with simple instructions that will help players to get a better overview. Current Bonus actions from regulated and licensed providers with new Videos on a regular basis, support for the different payment options, free games and software developer on the internet which has been tested by our team.
Take advantage of free slot games, roulette or blackjack tables or other slot games on our side to test strategies or just to enjoy the game. With our guide you will always be up to date about events, jackpots at slot machines and further informations about gambling on the internet.

Mobile casinos

The world of online casino betting has become much more accessible with the increasing popularity of mobile casinos. Smart phones equipped with longer battery life and even more powerful CPU processors fulfill the niche for players who are living an ever increasingly active life.

Some benefits to accessing casinos on your mobile devices are as follows:
Busy people without access to land based casinos can access casinos anytime, anywhere and at any convenient time they choose. Signing up with new mobile casinos on your devices will provide you with great offers such as match bonuses, trip offers, credits and other great promotions. Many casino apps are free for download. There are so many different games that are offered so that you may never become bored with the constantly growing wide selection of games.

Even with all the added benefits studies are also showing that mobile casinos are highly secure and even make it easy to spend less when compared to land casinos because of the ability to make bets on micro levels.

Over the time, where technology has reduced human effort in every aspect possible, it has also taken over Casinos with Online Betting and gambling. The online gaming industry has been around for a considerable amount of time now and the online Canadian casinos are getting more sophisticated and tech savvy with all the new digital technologies.

The online casinos have literally transformed the game for Canadian players, and not to mention players from all around the globe, more convenient, faster and honest. The primary concept for physical and digital gambling is more or less the same though what has changed is the approach towards the game. I’m sure you must have had your share of curiosity towards casinos and gambling, especially if you aren’t aware of the casino world. You must have often wondered “what kind of games do they play?’ How are bets laid? “What is the best gambling game that I can play?”; “Do they cheat?”

Let’s give it a rest and keep it very short, simple and fun, eh?

If you are reading this, I’m sure you must be at-least aware of what is betting? Betting primarily deals with observation, logical thinking, predicting and guessing – along with substantial luck factors. The game is governed by a simple rule: The winner keeps and the loser weeps. From a slightly technical perspective – a bet consists of two primary components:

  • Terms of bet
  • Price of the bet.

Similar to every country having their own laws and regulations for Gambling, the rules governing the Canadian Casinos are way simpler as compared to its neighbouring country.

An introduction to Canadian Gambling

Once considered to be the only sole way of entertainment, Canada gambling has transformed into a more conventional and basic way of passing time, highlighting itself as a solid recreational activity. As of now, under regulations of the provincial and territorial governments, gambling options are available through charities, private operators licensed by government who provide safe and entertaining mode of gambling in Canada.


People started to accept gambling in a more positive way across Canada at the dawn of 1969 when the Criminal Code was altered to allow many provinces and territories to raise funds for good causes through regulated and honestly moderated lotteries. For example, the Montreal Olympics received funding from such lotteries.

Types of legal Canadian Gambling include Standard Casinos, Horse racing, Slot Machines, Ticket lotteries, Video Lottery Terminals and last but not the least, “BINGO”!

Legalized gambling across the provinces and territories are supervised. Therefore the variations in gambling differ across the country. The most appealing form of gambling for Canadians however is Casino gambling, with more than 100 casinos operating throughout Canada. However New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador are the three provinces, where no Casino could be found.


Age bar

Speaking of Legal, most kids reading this would be wondering “how old do I need to be able to gamble?” Well, you must be at least 19 years old to enter a casino everywhere in Canada except Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec where the admissible age is 18. However, irrespective of age, every individual should meticulously plan on how to play (not gamble) properly at the casino or any other private betting operations. Proper knowledge and effective planning are the key driving factor while venturing into the Casino arena.You must be completely sure whether the casino you intend to visit is recognized by the respective Provincial government body. Financial limits and spendable amounts should be well-thought of just to be safe. For beginners, it might be advised to keep an experienced trusted adult with you.

Popular Casinos in Canada

Some of Canada’s casinos in vivid parts of the country attract visitors for reasons much more than the simple prospect of winning (or losing) money. Some of such gambling institutions are the one at the grand Mont-Tremblant in Quebec or Manoir Richelieu which is also in Quebec. Others, like the Niagara Falls view Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, the Montreal Casino or Caesars in Windsor, Ontario, are big flashy, Vegas-style operations with live shows, restaurants and shopping. All the grand stuff is intended to allure visitors to spend more on luxury items along with playing at the casino.

  1. betway Casino
  2. Playmillion
  3. bet365 Casino
  4. Buck & Butler
  5. GUTS Casino
  6. Euro Palace
  7. Super Lenny

Apart from these great casinos mentioned above, there is Lake City Casino in the serene Okanagan Valley, close to wineries and golf courses and St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino is set in the Rocky Mountains both set in British Columbia.

Online Gambling

Whether Quebec, British Columbia or any other province, there are unavoidable overhead costs like lodging, food, commute that we one needs to consider in order to have a good gamble game. The other alternative to curtail such extra cash outflows is to opt for Online Casinos.

Online gambling has been around since early 90s but the major revolution took place in 2010 with ‘PlayNow’. The Canadian provincial gaming commissions started to harness the web for their own online gaming sites that they would control and manage most cost effectively. The BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation) was the one to act up and come up with which is available to citizens of British Columbia.

This was followed by from Quebec. The Loto Quebec site, which is in French, has also helped in promoting the physical casinos around the province.

You can just go to “<>” and you have access to a wide range of unique fun packages and online gaming options, we have been offering to our loyal fans. Browse through the categories and choose yourself a game that best suits your taste. And yes, Instead of dressing up, getting your car ready, and driving to traditional casinos, you can just open your computer and with just few clicks on your mouse, you’re ready to play.

Well a certain level of caution needs to be maintained while choosing Online Casinos, especially for folks who might not be too tech-savvy. It is therefore important for one to be aware of the Pros and Cons of Online Gambling.



Well for starters, it is cheaper.You can avoid spending money on Commute, Lodging and expensive meals when playing online as mentioned earlier. Online casinos usually come with higher bonuses and prizes.


No physical social interactions if you are interested in other humans i.e. However, for players wanting to use prevalent tricks such as observing body movement, facial expressions and co-player reactions while playing a game, online casino holds very less possibilities.

Also, the possibilities of technical snags cannot be entirely ruled out. For example, just when you are about to hit that jackpot, the much dreaded error page pops up. Might set you on a killing spree. Then there are delayed withdrawal issues. When playing at an online casino, you can withdraw your money at any point in time; however a deposit usually takes two to four days before it ends up in your bank account or returned to your credit card.

Depending on your personality, either type of casino might be right for you. If gambling is a way of interacting with other players, something you do purely for fun and not as a reliable source of money, land based casinos are probably best for you. However, if you are very serious about your gaming and see it as a hobby or a means to earn some serious income, online gambling is more suited for you. With online gambling you can play more hands in smaller duration of time, and have the additional benefits of bonuses.

Online gambling has a lot to offer to win over their would-be-prospect users into trying out their services. Online casinos generally offer sign-up bonuses for first time players, for example; an extra 10 or 50 per cent of one’s start-up deposit to their online gambling account, or special deals or credits for specific amounts of money that are put up as wager.

Bottom-line: Can I Gamble Online?

Of course you can. There is nothing illegal about playing on any online gambling site. For one, if it were illegal, it would have been taken down by the time you complete your registration.

The best thing for a person to do is to find a good site and check out the popularity on the online community and sign up to have the taste of their own luck.

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